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Miikahnah Connect, powered by Faber Connect Technologies, was created to help construction companies find skilled workers and fulfill their project needs. 

Partnering with SCED LP, the main focus was to create a database for skilled construction workers to make it easier for construction companies to find various construction trade workers who are willing to work throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Northern Ontario. 

For construction companies, Miikahnah Connect has collaborated with training partners to train new and existing workers in the construction field, so they would have certification and be ready to work on projects in the Miikahnah Connect directory.

One of the main projects in the database is the Southern Chiefs’ Organization Inc. (SCO) project to transform the iconic Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) heritage building in downtown Winnipeg at 450 Portage Avenue. Working closely with HBC and Number 10 Architecture, SCO has developed a visionary plan that will turn the building into a space for economic and social reconciliation with construction taking place from 2023 to 2027. 

The project title is Wehwehneh Bahgahkinahgohn, or ‘it is visible.’ This four-year project is one of the largest heritage building redevelopments in Canada and the largest ever in Manitoba. 

Miikahnah Connect will be the source for skilled trades workers to register for employment opportunities to be a part of history by working on redeveloping this historic building in downtown Winnipeg.


* If you need help applying to Become a Worker from below link or without a cell phone, please contact our Workforce Development Officer Peter Symchuk – or John Einarsson –


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